Our British GQ Feature

Our British GQ Feature

An opportunity: British GQ

We strive to relay our garments and messages to whoever could benefit from them, so when we were offered this opportunity, we had to comply. 


 On the 9th of October, we were pleased to announce that we had the opportunity to be featured in the November issue of British GQ.  Featured in their Fashion Collection segment, we were amongst new and exciting emerging brands that they thought the fashion conscious consumer should be keeping an eye on. We showcased the "FAKE SMILES" Tee, featuring an emoji-esque graphic symbolising the true effects of social media on todays users, showing that a social media presence is supposedly portraying a "perfect life" but in actuality it is just a mask for a somewhat unfulfilled existence, showcased through an online persona. 



 Due to the success of the feature, we were asked to be featured once again for the December issue of the magazine, being featured in the same segment, the Fashion Collection. This time around, we decided to showcase the one of a kind "CAPSULE"  Denim Jacket. featuring a hand painted illustration on the rear featuring a painting of a woman in still life, surrounded by the familiar box signature that we refer to in various pieces. 



Finally, to round the year off, we established a great relationship with the magazine and were in the January/February issue, showcasing the new "FORGIVE ME FATHER" Hoodie, featuring an STHROUGHJ Logo on the front, and a vibrant graphic on the rear of the garment. This piece is up for interpretation of the observer, but we like to think it is a subtle reminder that you must stay true to your roots in which ever regard you see fit.


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